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Useful Links

J.D. Gonzalez Licensed U.S. Customs Broker is pleased to provide a compilation of useful links and resources for your day-to-day operation. Don´t hesitate to let us know any other link you think is useful for the community.

  • Harmonized Tariff Schedule of the United States (HTSUS)
    The HTSUS is the primary resource for determining tariff classifications for goods imported into the United States. It is administered by the United States International Trade Commission.
  • Schedule B
    Schedule B is used to assign classifications to goods exported from the United States. It is administered by the U.S. Commerce Department, Census Bureau, Foreign Trade Division.
  • U.S. Customs Rulings Online Search System (CROSS)
    Use this tool to search the CBP Rulings database. This may help in research for HTSUS classifications as well as decisions made on Free Trade Agreements.
  • U.S. CBP Informed Compliance Publications
    Informed Compliance Publications are documents crafted by U.S. Customs and Border Protection to help the Trade Community gain the necessary knowledge for maintaining top-notch trade compliance.

Government Agencies

Industry Process and Regulations

The international trade industry is constantly evolving, so staying in the know is the key to success.
Two innovative programs will drive the future of U.S. trade regulation and trade compliance:

Automated Commercial Environment (ACE).

ACE is the “single window” platform through which all U.S. Customs and Participating Government Agency transactions are made and admissibility/exportability is determined.

Centers of Excellence & Expertise (CEEs).

CEEs promise to make the trade compliance experience a more efficient and navigable one through their promotion of uniform standards throughout all Ports of Entry, efficient resolution of compliance issues, and improvement in industry knowledge. All importers will eventually be assigned to one of 10 centers currently located throughout the U.S.